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Hi Kathy,

I wanted to let you know my new doctor did a full work up on me including blood work.

He said if there were problems, he would follow up with a call.

Otherwise, I would receive a “see you next year” letter.

I got the letter. In the letter he added that my blood work was scarily normal for my body mass percentile (I’m 5’7” – 230 lbs).

Sugar, cholesterol, etc. all right down the middle.

I am telling you this because I attribute the good numbers directly to the daily supplements I take!!!

Thanks again for your help.

Dave Aimola


When you introduced me to nutraMetrix, I was especially interested in the OPC-3 and ORAC products.


As you know we sell the Endopat, a device for diagnosing a condition called endothelia dysfunction.  This condition, left untreated, leads to cardiovascular disease.  It has been shown that people with this condition have 300% more adverse cardiac events than those normal endothelia function.  As a diabetic, coronary artery disease is always a concern.  I tested positive for this condition last year.  I have managed to get my score from 1.19 to 1.53 by better managing my diabetes but I was still in the red zone.


A little over 90 days ago I started taking the ORAC and OPC-3 formulas.  I just repeated my Endopat and my score came up to 1.99!  This is in the healthy range.  I no longer have endothelia dysfunction.  Thank you for the introduction.  You may have saved my life!


Buck Fechik

President Reliance Medical

My name is Renee Jacobs.  I’m in private practice as an internist inMassachusetts.  NutraMetrix is complementary to my practice of medicine.  I wanted to deliver more of a holistic approach to my patients.  I wanted quality products that I knew were tested by outside sources, have improved delivery systems, are competitively priced, safe and help me educate my patients and also provide CME education to me.


Many of my patients are having weight management issues and nutraMetrix provides a great low-glycemic system that my nutraceutical consultant (NC) can implement for me. I’m finding in today’s environment that more and more of my patients are not wanting prescription medications or their side effects and I’m thrilled to provide them another way.


I think it is terrific that I have support in the form of NCs, trained and certified by nutraMetrix,  who help educate and serve my patients/customers. They follow up and ensure that any concerns and questions are answered, they help with resolution of problems, and update me on patient compliance as well.


Because of the NCs and e-commerce enabled web portal, I can provide services in and out of the office from wherever I go.


Last but not least, nutraMetrix is another way to ensure that I have a secure retirement asset and more time with my family and friends.

Renee Jacobs, MD


The combination of the possibility of offering my patients a natural, non-drug based approach to wellness and disease modulation, and the potential residual income resulting from the nutraMetrix system was immediately attractive. Our experience over the last 5 months with both the products and the income stream has more than confirmed that immediate appeal.


In 5 months we have sold products to approximately 10% of the families in our pediatric practice. Several families have already placed repeat orders, because they are so pleased with the results of the products. For example, many of our customers report significant changes in their symptoms, such as an increase in energy and a reduction in migraines, joint pain and allergy symptoms. The wide range of products allows us to target a number of health concerns and issues.


We are very reassured about the quality of nutraMetrix products, primarily because of the science training offered by the company. We get questions regularly about the FDA, and it is very helpful to be able to briefly discuss the importance of role of the FDA in regulating the industry and the level of attention the company brings to the issue of quality control. We have had no instances of problems with the quality of the products with any of our customers.


The quality of the products, the information provided by the company, and the ever-increasing number of positive testimonials all make the nutraMetrix products very easy to recommend. Parents who have heard of free-radical damage and the power of antioxidants, or the problems with the level of nutrients in our food chain are an “easy sale.” For parents who are not as aware of these issues, the ease of use of the isotonic delivery system is a very attractive feature. We would also say that having the recommendation for these nutraceuticals come from their physician is the most powerful reason families are willing to try this approach.


Some of our medical colleagues initially respond that they don’t have enough time in their day to add even one more thing. I see 25 to 35 patients a day and certainly understand the time crunch issue. Our experience, however, is that the “selling” of these products is a natural outcome of the usual conversations about health and wellness that are the daily routines of physicians. If patients want more information or want to buy products on the spot, I turn them over to my wife who is a nurse in my office. Not only has the patient flow not been disrupted, but our patients are thrilled with our expanded wellness offering.


The revenue derived from the business is very satisfactory. The retail profit more than covers expenses, but the potential for creating true residual income through building our business is already becoming a reality, and building this business is generating a powerful feeling of excitement and energy. We highly recommend this business to other healthcare professionals!

Michael D. McKenzie, MD, FAAP

Lee McKenzie, RN, MSN, MA


My name is Karen Semon and I’m a physical therapist and the owner of Kare Therapeutics.  The reason I decided to go with nutraMetrix system at first was the great response of my family to the products when I was testing them.  Then I realized that I could increase revenue to my practice.  The environment these days in the medical world is making that more and more of a challenge.


The reason I tried the products on family members was my high standards, integrity and dedication to quality.  I found the products had an excellent delivery system and high quality ingredients.  I would say I have about fifteen percent of my patients on products and I’m continuing to introduce new patients, as well as introducing new products to my dedicated patients.


The patients who have taken the products for a while have decreased pain related to inflammatory conditions, more energy and a feeling of well-being.


My nutraceutical consultant is not local and has provided the best support she can from a distance but has also been helping me groom and train my own local NC.


I have generated very satisfactory revenue thus far and would say the reward to effort has been quite the opposite of my PT business.  NutraMetrix is an excellent ancillary service for health professionals interested in helping their patients obtain better health, decrease their patients’ need for pharmaceuticals and increase revenue to provide diversity of income for me that is based not just on my efforts but the efforts of other health professionals as well.  It is a great team effort.

Karen Semon, PT


Hello!  My name is Ed Taje.  I am 41 years old, from East Taunton, MA.  I would like to share with you my personal experiences with nutraMetrix, in particular the line of Isotonix nutraceuticals.


Let’s begin with my personal background.  I am well-versed in health and nutrition, earning a degree in biology at the College of the Holy Cross, and spending two years post-graduate at Harvard Medical School.  I performed cancer research, as well as surgical research with cardiovascular surgeons at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.  While there, my father suffered a major heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery at Mass General.  He was 43 at the time, and had suffered minor heart attacks beginning at age 38.  I knew that I was predisposed to heart disease because he had lost his mother to heart disease when he was 15.  I had always been active in sports, and took vitamin supplements along with a good diet in order to stay healthy.

Fast- forward to 1992.  Thirteen years ago this past February, I suddenly began bleeding heavily with my bowel movements.  I had been perfectly healthy to this point, but knowing this was not normal, I went to the Morton Hospital ER.  I was admitted for a week, tests were run, and I was referred to a gastroenterologist.


He told me that I had a disease called ulcerative colitis.  The lining of my colon had lesions, from one end to the other.  The cause of the disease is unknown, but thought to be viral, and it can be hereditary.  There is no known cure other than removal of the colon, which is only done in extreme cases.  There are a few drugs which are used to help control the inflammation.


Dr. Solomon told me that the disease is not fatal, but I would be pretty miserable for the rest of my life.  My diet had to drastically change.  I could not eat any foods with fiber- basically, no grains, no fruits, and no vegetables, nothing with skin or seeds.  These could get stuck in the lesions and rip them open, creating a worse situation.


I had a dull pain in my belly, and I was told to get used to it, for pain killers thin the blood, which would create more bleeding from the lesions.  I asked if there was any other “good news”, and was told that the disease tends to become cancerous after 20 years, in which case the colon is removed. I was 29 when I heard this, and dreaded the thought of wearing a colostomy bag before I was 50.

Life went on, only a little differently.  I became accustomed to going to the bathroom very often, with bleeding,  and in some pain.  My diet became pretty much meat and mashed potatoes, and I took a drug called Asacol to help control my situation.  If I had a flare up, I had to double my dose from twelve per day to twenty-four.  If that still didn’t help, I was placed on Prednisone (a steroid) for a month at a time.


If I forgot to take my pills for any length of time, such as a weekend, I would be in agony, and all I could do was double my dosage until I felt better.  I would have a colonoscopy every two years, until I was ten years into the disease (3 years ago), at which time they became an annual event.  The procedures always showed lesions present, and I would have as many as 70 biopsies taken during the procedure.

Things began to change for me back in January of 2002.  My wife had been introduced to a product called OPC-3 by a friend to treat herniated disks in her neck.  She was told that they were super antioxidants, and they were a natural anti-inflammatory.  They not only helped her with the disk problem, but also helped alleviate her allergy symptoms.


Within a few months of starting OPC-3, she was no longer taking Allegra and did not need her weekly allergy shots.  I figured that the Isotonix supplements might help me, at the least they couldn’t do any damage, so my New Year’s resolution was to get healthier.  I began by taking Isotonix OPC-3, Multitech multivitamins, Mineral Blast, and Ultimate Aloe.


I took them daily in addition to the Asacol.  After about four weeks, I noticed that I no longer felt the pain in my belly.  As time went on, my symptoms disappeared one by one.  The bleeding had stopped, my bowel movements became more solid and more regular, and overall I felt much healthier.  By May, I felt good enough to try something- I decided to stop taking my Asacol for a few days, to se if I would flare up.


I had no problems, so I went a little longer, and pretty soon, the weeks were going by.  I have not taken any medication for my colitis since that day I stopped, back in May 2002.  When I had my annual colonoscopy in December 2002, I had been medication-free for seven months.  The doctor was very surprised to see that I had no lesions, and she did not take any biopsies.  The previous December she had taken 70 biopsies, and the disease was very active.  I was afraid to tell her that I had stopped taking my meds, so I didn’t say anything.  I just went on taking my Isotonix.

The past two years have been no different.  I no longer take medications of any kind, and I have no symptoms of ulcerative colitis.  I have confessed to my doctor that I don’t take my pills, and she was angry at first, but after my last colonoscopy, she suggested that I keep doing what I am doing.   She said that she can’t say it would work this well with everyone, but it has obviously worked well for me.  After my last colonoscopy, she stated that it looked like I have never had this disease.


I feel like I never had it.  Not only are all the pains and bleeding gone, but I am able to eat anything I want.  I have fruit, vegetables, and whole grain breads every day (along with the occasional salsa & chips and buffalo wings!) .   I can’t say for sure that I am cured of this incurable disease.  I do know that what I take are “supplements”, things that my body cannot make.  If you stop taking them, they clear your body’s systems within 48 hours.  It is possible that my symptoms could come back if I were to stop them, so I won’t stop.

I believe the supplements have also helped me in another way.  Remember, earlier I mentioned my dad’s heart trouble? Well, he is now 62 and has had two quadruple bypass surgeries, and is still having difficulty with his heart.  Also, my younger brother Chris died last July 2 at age 39 of a massive heart attack.  His autopsy showed the cause of death as atherosclerosis, and there was evidence of scarring from previous heart attacks.  Upon my arrival home from his funeral in Florida, I had my family doctor run every test possible on me to make sure that I was not at risk.  He found my heart and arteries to be very sound, my stress test was the best he had ever seen, and my blood work and echocardiograms were perfect as well.  My total cholesterol is 100.  Just goes to show you, if you can get the proper nutrition in place, it can make a huge difference in your life!



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  1. I believe that avoiding ready-made foods is a first step to be able to lose weight. They can taste great, but highly processed foods currently have very little vitamins and minerals, making you take more only to have enough energy to get through the day. If you’re constantly having these foods, converting to whole grain products and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more energy while ingesting less. Good blog post.

  2. Good information however, people are different. Genetics will determine if it is a good idea to eat whole grains – not recommended for everyone. But certainly organic complex carbohydrates, organic grass fed, free range meat, wild caught salmon benefit almost everyone. Lots of Organic vegetables. If you can’t make the nutrient, you need to take it. Unfortunately we’ve poisoned our environment. But thanks to science we now have nutraceuticals that are cleaned of all toxins and GMOs and can be quite beneficial.

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