Vitamin D or Flu Shot?

It is that time of year again.  I see signs everywhere at local pharmacies that the flu shot is available.  For me personally, the only time I’ve gotten the flu in the last 12 years was when I got a flu shot.

In fact every time I’ve ever gotten a flu shot I’ve gotten the flu.  I was always told I wouldn’t but I always did.

The flu vaccine is made up months in advance of the flu season without any knowledge of what strain of flu may be around and it contains mercury as a preservative.

I  have genetic variants in the detox area – a deleted GSTM1 so I don’t detox very well.

I also have two variants of VDR – vitamin D receptor.

An interesting thing happened when I started aiming my nutrients at my own genetics – I rarely got sick anymore.  When I boosted antioxidants, added activated B complex and vitamin D3 with K2 I was staying healthy whereas in the past I’d get sick at least four times per year.

Most people think of vitamin D in relation to bones but it impacts heart health, mental health and immune health as well.  It influences over 3,000 genes.

A long term vitamin D deficiency can have consequences of immune dysregulation related to diabetes, asthma, allergies, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, depression, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, and viral and bacterial infections.

When there are blood serum levels of 38 or higher there is a twofold reduction in influenza A.  It doesn’t have the same impact on influenza B but the former is the much more prevalent kind of flu.

When people die after they’ve gotten the flu it is usually the complications of pneumonia that do them in not the flu itself and vitamin D helps protect against pneumonia.

There was a study in Italian men that showed a 50% reduction in depression with higher levels of vitamin D and in women it was 60%.

This may be due to the decreased production of cytokines in the brain.

Many people say you can get your vitamin D from the sun.  You must be in the sun for at least 30 minutes between 10 AM and 2PM and wear a swim suit or no shirt and no sunscreen; hands and face are not sufficient.

We need more as we age.  Cholesterol is converted by sunlight into the precursors of vitamin D.  Some sits in the oil on the skin and it takes 48 hours for optimal absorption.  Soap will wash it away so you wouldn’t be able to bath for 2 days.

Mid-summer is the best time to get vitamin D from the sun.  From 9/1 to 5/30 you need to supplement unless you live close to the equator.

It is the UV B rays that are converted to vitamin D.  The UV A rays are the ones that are cancer producing; you need sunscreen to protect from melanoma so I for one would rather supplement than take my chances on melanoma.

You could get vitamin D from cod liver oil.  My mother used to stand at the front door as we exited for school.  She put it in orange juice.  I still can’t drink orange juice to this day.  Then there is the question of the ocean and pollution.  Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island said in a speech on the state of the oceans that a whale beaching on the shores was considered toxic waste so you have to wonder about any fatty fish swimming in the ocean.

I’m sorry I just can’t enough food to get all the nutrients I need from food these days.  I’d like to say it is possible but given the state of the food industry not likely.

Standard Multivitamins have 400 to 1000 units of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D3 is best. Research is showing 5,000 IU are necessary.  Studies that show increase in heart disease from calcium and vitamin D supplementation are supplements that don’t have K2.  It is the K2 in conjunction with the calcium and vitamin D that is effective.  It hooks the calcium in the gut and carries it to the bone and takes care of removal to the blood stream.

K1 is the blood clotting vitamin.

There are MDs who are not aware of the difference between K1 and K2 so you may have to explain that to your doctor.

I’ve experienced one anecdotal benefit from adding vitamin D to my diet.  I’ve been experiencing terrible canker sores since I was very young.  Omega II helps and that makes sense because they strengthen cell walls but when I added the vitamin D I stopped getting them all together.  If I miss either supplement for several days I will get a canker sore.

I haven’t found any clinical studies on that but my experience is that we ordinary folks just want relief from symptoms so if any of you have the same problem you could try this as well as eliminating sodium laurel sulfate, a foaming agent used in most toothpastes.

I choose Omega III that have been cleaned several times so there are no toxic substances from the ocean.  The Canadian company uses anchovies and sardines – the smallest fish likely to have the least pollutants.  They aren’t cheap but they are high quality and have the right ratio of DHA to EPA that clinical studies show are most effective; EPA 1800 mg/ DHA 1200 mg with some tocotrienols.

With so many variables on digestion these days I recommend the isotonic version of nutraceuticals unless the body needs them in an oil base like the Omegas; this delivery is 95% bioavailable.

I’ll be posting an audio from a wonderful pediatrician that I’ve had the privilege to know and work with soon on the topic of vitamin D.  Stay tuned.  Here is some other information.

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